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and something would happen. >> look at what happened. >> so we've got john fuglesang holding down the fort in new york. we've got mooks here in burbank. we've got a full show today. hello, jim you walked in. >> hello. >> give him a minute to get organized. never mind the live radio tv thing happening. >> jim is joining you for the show? >> how gallant? >> we had headphones in the studio. >> look at that. somebody else's fault. >> but we got rude pundit coming up this hour and right now we've got news with jacki schechner. >> i do it all. look at that. good morning everybody. president obama, vice president biden meeting today with law enforcement officials from three communities rocked by gun violence. new tossen police chief michael kehoe along with his counter parts from aurora, colorado and oak creek wisconsin where a gunman killed six people and wounded four others at a sikh temple in august. u.s. attorney general eric holder and homeland security secretary janet napolitano will be sitting in as they have in many of the meetings that vice president biden had been holding along the way.
-breaking comedy tour before, and if you have, do it again. on april 13th hal sparks, john fugelsang, and the darling of progressive media, steph steph are bringing a whole new level of naughty comedy to chicago. that's the stephanie miller sexy liberal comedy tour. live at the chicago theater. for your ticket goes to >> no background check required. >> stephanie: and that's 11:00 am chicago time tickets go on sale. this is the only midwest one, and one west coast one, and that's it for 2013. [ applause ] >> stephanie: exactly. there you go. chicago. but ticket aren't available now -- 11:00 am chicago time. >> all right. >> stephanie: that's when we get off. i couldn't announce it after we're on the air. >> we could announce it just before we got off of the air, and have people listen for all three hours. >> stephanie: all right. what? >> your red wine brain has forgotten the art of teasing. >> stephanie: that destroyed that part of my broadcast training. oh i didn't go to broadcast school. that's right. i can improvise. i can do the line of the nurs
to people just cowering. let's go to carry in wisconsin. >> caller: john mccain and marco rubio are wasting their time. they will never get the latino vote at all. and all of this bob mcdonald stuff of trying to pass abortion stuff around. it's none of their business about the ababortions. >> stephanie: wait what does abortion have to do with the immigration debate. >> caller: just how foolish the republican party is, and the way they think. the abortion i would like all of the -- you know none-abortion people to think do americans have the right to make decisions about their kids? bob mcdonald. can i call him and say you have the right to have a kid or not. or make decisions about his kids >> stephanie: or can i shove something up one of your orafass? >> caller: yeah. and i'm a former tea partier, and they have brainwashed most republicans. the ex-tea partiers are -- they think the 47% is so stupid and they are not going to gain anymore votes because people will only get better. >> stephanie: i don't know about you personally, but i think that's what happened to a lot of
, as john mccain even said yesterday these people have been here doing all of this work for years and years and years. if you want to make it so punitive, that's not going to work either. do you think? >> who was the labor force during the second world war when all of the men of the united states were overseas fighting? they came up here and they have been here ever since. the thing is, too i have an agenda. back in the '70s and '80s for the farm growers trying to help them. the thing is that they're trying to split the vote. they're trying to say this. marco rubio can represent the couple hundred thousand in florida. and the illegal aliens which can vote but there are millions and millions and millions of us here in this country that are latinos that are american-mexicans that come from guatemala, honduras, all of the other places and mexico that are in this country. nobody's even talking about us. when they say illegal they are disrespecting us. we've been here. we're more legal than they are. >> illegals are europeans. >> stephanie: exactly. here's why i shouldn't have my interwebs open
house to have it used against you. john you are on the "stephanie miller show." >> caller: hi, stephanie. i watch your show all the time. and i would like to point out one thing. i used to be a -- a member of the nra. no longer. i gave it up. i think they are off the wall. but i think why they resinate with people is that, you know there's something missing from the dialogue and that is the government. what -- after we get these laws in place -- and i do believe that we should have these laws in place and background checks and get rid of the high capacity magazines, but what is missing -- and maybe you heard it -- i haven't heard it yet, is that what are we going to do when we catch these criminals? what are we going to do with the drug traffickers or the people smuggling the guns in? there's no dialogue about -- is it going to be ten years? it is going to be no parole? this is what -- and i direct your attention to what happened here in webster, new york where we had a heinous criminal beat his grandmother to death with a claw hammer and the government tur
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5